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Foto Menarik: Gelagat Bintang Hollywood Bersama Tweeter

Apakah Twitter Woit!!?
... pada yang belum tahu info tentang tweets ni... maka eloklah baca jap!

Twitter adalah social networking. Ia adalah microblogging yang membolehkan pengguna untuk menghantar dan membaca mesej sebagai tweets.

Tweets adalah text-based post, iaitu pesanan kita untuk diwar-warkan supaya semua orang tahu update kita terkini.. terNow.  Ia seperti menulis surat sehingga 140 patah perkataan dan dipaparkan di depan muka profail seterusnya dihantar secara automatik kepada semua rangkaian yang telah dihubungkan kepada anda (author's subcribers) yang dikenali sebagai follower.

Jadi secara jelasnya Twitter ni samalah macam blog, tapi dia kecik sikit daripada blog, ia sejenis microblogging yang bertujuan untuk menghantar mesej kita tak ubah macam kita ber sms dengan ehem ehem …


Fungsi Twitter sangat luas dari hanya menulis sesuatu. Twitter bukan sekadar microbloging yang dibuat buat  sebagai tempat meluahkan sesuatu perkara secara ringkas.. tapi tapi tapi segala update yang dibuat menerusi laman lain yang dihubungkan melalui twitter juga turut dipaparkan!

Ia sangat2 berguna untuk mendapatkan traffic secara percuma ke dalam blog kerana twitter telah mencapai hampir 200 million user! atau lebih, jadi untuk menyakinkan,  di twitter sudah ada ramai kenalan yang sedia untuk ditambah  tolak atau dibahagi dan memberi peluang kepada folower tahu update anda secara langsung…

Informasi yang sering dihubungkan antara satu sama lain menyebabkan twitter menjadi medium perantaraan yang sangat berguna, bukan sahaja dalam dunia blog tetapi bisness, informasi dan lain-lain. senang cerita, kalau tahu mengunakan faedah twitter lebih-lebih lagi banyak follower, pengguna akan menerima faedah untuk mempromosikan bisness, diri sendiri, dan lain-lain dengan lebih perhatian.

Jangan pula asyik bubuh gambar Nasi lemak lauk paru, gulai tempoyak ikan patin, mee rojak atau cendol, bubur durian campur pulut… nanti orang menyampah la pulak! Gunakan benda yang berpekdah pada yang lebih pekdah!

Jom lihat cara Celebrity Holyywood  ‘menjual’ diri mereka…

Lindsay Lohan
Though she can't play music, Lindsay Lohan can certainly dance to it! The starlet donned a fedora and struck a classic Michael Jackson pose as an homage to the late pop singer. "MJ was playing when this was taken, I'm not that much of narcissist," she tweeted.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley goes topless
No-one's looking at the jeans! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shared a topless shot of herself as she showed off a new addition to her wardrobe on her Twitter page

Adrianne Curry
"America's Top Model" season one winner Adrianne Curry has never been shy of showing off her curves. Not only has she posed nude for Playboy magazine, but Mrs. Peter Brady frequently likes to flaunt her assets in her Twitter pictures.
Aubrey O Day
Playboy cover model, Aubrey O'Day, obviously doesn't mind showing some skin. While on location for a Paper magazine photo shoot, the former Danity Kane singer posed topless in a pair of houndstooth-printed leggings. When she's not digging herself a hole on "The Sean Hannity Show," Aubrey's concentrating on her assets. "Look at how big my booty is getting. I'm so excited!" she tweeted. "Thick white girls unite! But she's not the only star to go topless...

Miley Cyrus
Once again, Miley Cyrus finds herself in the middle of another photo scandal. But this time, she's not the one taking the photos. The teen queen posed for some provocative pics with producer Adam Shankman on the set of their latest movie, "The Last Song." And as expected, her fans were none too pleased with the 16-year-old's impromptu photo shoot. Luckily for Miley, Adam was quick to defend her actions. "I’m furious that our funny times have turned into this sily storm," he wrote. "Miley is a sweet angel who works tirelessly and endlessly, and is allowed to have fun in the make up room!"

Kim Kardashian
Thankfully for Kim, her ghastly sunburn wore off by the time she donned a bikini and took a self-portrait during a Quick Trim photo shoot.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan was well aware of what she was doing when she posted a topless photo of herself on Twitter. "OLD PHOTOS," she tweeted about her pic taken from her photo shoot for Italian clothing label, Fornarina. "I'm THAT bored."

Demi Moore
One bikini-baring celebrity caught in a Twitter photo was Demi Moore. Though the actress was wearing a white swimsuit in the pic, many of her followers thought hubby Ashton Kutcher snapped a shot of an unknowing Demi in her underwear. "shhh don’t tell wifey," Ashton wrote. "watching my wife steam my suit while wearing a bikini. I love God!" 

Kim Kardashian
Ouch! Kim Kardashian is a prime example of why not to fall asleep in the sun with your shades on. "PLEASE HELP ME! I am so sunburned!" the reality star tweeted during her vacation in Mexico. "I fell asleep with huge glasses on yesterday! This tan line is not ok!!!"

Demi Moore
Demi Moore may be one of the sexiest women around, but the actress isn't afraid to show her less glamorous side. While sitting in the dentist's chair, Demi had an impromptu photo shoot that revealed her missing front tooth. "Happy to share and always appreciate the opportunity to find humility!!!" Demi wrote. "Or at least be able to laugh at myself!"

Adrianne Curry
Model-reality star Adrianne Curry (aka Peter Brady's wife) was every nerd's dream come true when she flaunted her toned body in a sexy Princess Leia costume from 'Star Wars.' Calling herself 'Princess Adri,' Curry posed alongside the film's Jabba the Hutt.

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